Guide to Live Entertainment Venues for Leeds, Hull and Ridings of Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

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Antler Club Marfleet Lane, Hull Telephone Hull (01482) 799138 Saturday Night
Members Club situated on Marfleet Lane, just of Hedon Road in East Hull. Live Entertainment every Saturday Night - mainly solo Artists. Book Artists direct.
Ashby Constitutional Club Everest Road, Ashby, Near Scunthorpe, North Lincs Saturday Night
Members Club situated on Everest Road in Ashby just a minute or so from Town centre of Ashby which is a suberb of Scunthorpe. Crash doors lead to just a few feet away from stage, with a small size dressing room, complete with toilet and small handbasin off left of stage. Bob was in the chair, and they require 3 x 30 minute spots.
Black Prince Cottingham, Near Hull 01482 849506 Thursday, Friday & Saturday Night
Public House with eating facilities in a small village between Hull and Beverley in village of Cottingham. Nice appreciative audience and Christine the landlady is a pleasant and friendly lady. Her husband - Steve Smith, ex cook on North Sea Ferries is a shifty "Manuel" look - alike, who I wouldn't trust as far as I could spit a Grand Piano. Fortunately Chris takes care of entertainment and books direct. You sometimes have to fight Steve off at the end of the night, because he thinks he can sing, but it does help to clear the room quickly for an early finish.
Blue Bell Inn West Green, Cottingham, Near Hull 01482847113 Thursday Night
Public House with eating facilities in a small village between Hull and Beverley in village of Cottingham. Thursday Night entertainment usually by solo Artistes. Lynne takes care of entertainment and books direct. Live Entertainment stopped in September 2003 in view of possible change of management.
Breighton Ferry Breighton, Near Selby Saturday Night
Public House with eating facilities in a small village between Howden and Selby, with a small Marina and Caravan and Camp site attached. Entrance is through a couple of quite narrow doors and a short distance to a small stage, which is shared wih a TV set. Early on they appear to allow children in, although they seemed to have disappeared by about 10 o'clock. 3 x 30 minute spots. I imagine that the audience varies according to the occupancy of the Camp site, but it was not busy when I was there, and the audience seemed quite difficult to communicate with. The landlord also is very quiet but not unfriendly. Booked by McLeod Holden Agency in Hull.
Bridlington Conservative Club Tennyson Avenue, Bridlington, East Yorks Saturday Night
Members Club situated on Tennyson Avenue in Bridlington (new door to Mon Fort Hotel - see below) just a couple of minutes from the Town centre of this East Coast holiday resort. Crash doors round the back of the club lead up a couple of steps to the "performance area" which is on the dance floor of the "Churchill Room" a smallish room holding maybe 50 or 60 people. Not a particularly attentive audience, although they do like to dance, mailnly to the old favourites such as Penny Arcade, Simply the Best etc. The artist is expected to do 3 x 40 minute spots. There is no dressing room as such, although an upstairs room can be used for changing. Sean Roddis took over as Concert Secretary in November 2003, although the words "piss up" and "brewery" come to mind in my personal dealings with him. Ask for a Contract and read it!
Buckingham Club Brecon Road, Hull Saturday Night
Private Members Club on Brecon Road, off James Reckitt Avenue in Hull. It is a terrible lift, in that you have to park your car in the middle of a 1 way street and off load into the club. In doing so you have to block the road, and although there is parking outside the club, there is rarely a space. You then have to take your gear the length of the club onto a reasonable sized stage with a grotty, but ample size dressing room behind. 3 x 30 minute spots on a Saturday Night at 8.30, 9.30 and 10.30 (ish) with Johnny Vie as the singing compere. Older audience. Booked by McLeod Holden Agency in Hull
Bull & Sun Priory Approach, Bridlington Saturday Night
Public House situated about 5 minutes from the centre of Bridlington, on the road to Scarborough, just by the Priory Church. Taken over by new Landlord Tim in 2003, and he books more "out of town" artists, and now has a good turn out on a Saturday Night. Slightly awkward lift through front door (beer mat as a door wedge!) through internal door, tight squeeze past a bandit, down a couple of steps, and through the bar to a small stage at other end of lounge. No dressing room. Books direct.
Calvert Club Calvert Lane, Hull Saturday Night
Members Club situated on Calvert Lane, about 10 minutes from centre of Hull. Artists must use live backing which consists of Pat on Organ and Phil Webber on drums. Mature audience. Quite an easy lift but you have to reverse down side of club to side crash doors and then trolley gear in to what is quite a high stage. Can sit speakers on top of Resident duo's speakers. Due to possibility of Club closing down shortly to make way for building work, the audiences are a bit sparse, but Pat and Phil are easy going, normally only 6 songs in each of 3 spots. Booked by McLeod Holden Agency in Hull. Post Script - club closed down in August 2003
Chalk Lane Working Mens Club 200 Hawthorne Avenue, Hull HU3 5PY (Tel 01482 - 351279) Saturday Night
Members Club situated on Hawthorne Avenue, off Anlaby Road, about 10 minutes from centre of Hull. Bit of a run down area - but a newly refurbished Concert Room with Michelle Brogan as resident compere. Crash doors at rear of club, and a Car Park that you probably wouldn't want to leave your car in! Book direct.
Cherokee Club 135 Askew Avenue, Hull HU4 6NH (Tel 01482 - 351139) Saturday & Sunday Night
Members Club situated on Askew Avenue about 5 minutes from centre of Hull just off Hessle Road. Large club with good sized stage, and average size dressing room off stage right. Good sized concert room with maybe 250-300 seats. Booked by McLeod Holden Agency in Hull.
Crowle Liberal Club Fieldside, Crowle, North Lincolnshire Saturday Night
Members Club in small rural village on A161 from Goole to Gainsboro. Fire door at side is about 30 feet away from stage with small dressing room off the stage. Compere is Christine and her sombre husband Colin. Christine is good fun, don't take her too seriously - she likes to wind artists up! Tends to be an older audience.
Drum & Cymbals 26 Sibelius Road, Anlaby Park, Hull 01482 - 574550 Saturday & Sunday Nights
Open Plan pub about 10 minutes from centre of Hull, near to Costello Sports Stadium. Licencees are Allison and Jim and they are keen supporters of Live Entertainment, but sometimes struggle to get the support from their customers. There is an area set aside for a stage, not very big, and no dressing room. Access is through side fire doors which lead down a couple of steps to the Car Park at the side.
Engineers Arms Bridlington Avenue, Hull 01482 - 211938 Saturday Night & Sunday Noon
Pub about 5 minutes from centre of Hull. Former licencees include Pete & Eileen (now at Victoria Hotel, Gareth, and quite recently Graham, now at Raine Club. Entertainment cancelled following new tennants in November 2003, although still managed by Elaine.
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