Society of Local Entertainers - 2nd Annual Dinner

The Goodfellowship, Hull - Monday 14th April 2003

The Society of Local Entertainers is a fairly young Society, set up only a couple of years ago by Entertainers mainly from the Hull area to raise Charitable funds and to help and educate it's members.

The 2nd Annual Dinner Dance took place at The Goodfellowship, on Cottingham Road in Hull, and a good and varied menu was well served by The Goodfellowship staff in spacious surroundings with an estimated 120 people paying £ 18 per head for a 3 course meal including entertainment.

After various speeches, a number of awards were made including an award to MICE (Men in Charitable endeavour) one could almost say a similar society to S. O. L. E. who also raise money for Charity, but I think t is fair to say that many of their members are Amateur, whilst by it's nature SOLE is for professional singers. An award was also made to local Entertainment Agent Stuart Adamson, principal of Newland Artists, in recognition of his 40 years in Show Business and a further award was given to Vicky Norman, wife of committee member and local singer Dave Norman in thanks of her hard work for the Society. Further gifts were presented to local artists Olive and Fred who had donated some of their Artistic work for the raffle.

* * *

In his Chairmen's address, Dave Hickson ( alias Rock'n'Roll Entertainer Dr. Jive) reeled off a string of events over the past year which had raised over £ 27,000 for good causes, and with a number of further Fund raising raffles and a Quiz, more money still would have been made on the night.

The entertainment was opened by Ricky Kay, a singer from Sheffield, who opened with a couple of songs from the Shows, and in truth although he clearly had a nice voice and was very theatrically expressive in his movements, I began to wonder what all ther fuss was about. However Ricky exploded into his third song with lots of audience involvement, and comic antics, and very soon he had an audience of mainly entertainers eating out of the palm of his hand.

After a short break we were then introduced by the compere to what he referred to as the "Stars of the Show" which was comedy duo "Joker's Wild" and immediately they suffered from sound problems, with microphones feeding back on what was admittedly a small makeshift stage. In truth the tone of the gear, even when it was not feeding back, was very poor, and although they received a fairly positive response from the audience initially, it soon became clear that their act was very dated with reference to Robert Maxwell, and a sketch from "It ain't half hot mum" which has been off the TV for probably 20 years. Very few of the audience were prudes, but repeated references to "Paki" and "Gay" jokes were further evidence that here was an act stuck in a time warp somewhere in the 1980's and they soon lost the audience, and it became a little embarassing all round as there were more people in the bar area, than there were in the concert room. It turned out later that the original act booked had been "Sneezewort" who had to give backword due to a possible TV appearance, and Joker's Wild were a late replacement. Even so here was evidence, if it were needed of what happens when you fail to update your act, and rely on out-of-date routines and poor quality and dated jokes.

However Ricky Kay returned for his 2nd spot of the evening, and brought proceedings back on course, with a superb and energetic dance spot with a full dance floor and a couple of costume changes including a skimpy loin cloth and later a bath towel! All too quickly the evening had come to an end and a largely satisfied audience left clutching their complimentary SOLE pens, and looking forward to next year's event.

* *

Those present included Paul Eden and wife Jayne, C J Harper and wife Carole, Ric Owen, Nicki Martin, Serena Williams, Leroy Vickers, Ian Moor and girlfriend Helen, Pete and Eileen from Robbies, Dave and Pauline Davison and sons Lee and Craig and their partners, Lisa Kelsey, Dave Hickson, Chrissie, Dave and Vicky Norman, Rev Lee Kamen, Andy Wilkins and wife, lady members of Humber St Andrew's Club, members of MICE, Stuart and Sue Adamson of Newlands, Jenna, Ellie and mum Eileen Redhead, Mark Andrews and wife, Karen Peace from Fallen Angels and husband, Geoff and Michelle of Notorious, Martin Yorke and Sandra, Shelley Dean and many others included of course your intrepid reporter Adam Goodfellow and the Disco Diva Stephanie Jane !


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