Hull Daily Mail Talent Trail 2008 now underway.

It's come round to that time again - friends falling out, name calling, bitchiness, - yes it's the Heats of Hull Daily Mail's Talent Trail 2008 - bigger, better and probably more controversial.

Heats this year will be held at Cherokee Club, Belmont Club, West Hull Liberal Club, Dene Park Sports & Social Club, Chambers Club, Willows Club and Walton Street Club, making it the largest number of venues ever with heats every Tuesday and Thursday from 29th January right through to 27th March with the Semi Finals and Finals all being held in April. Full details can be found on the Contest's own website - including an entry form. Good luck to all competitors - light blue ouch paper and retire!

Been to a heat - fancy giving us a report - Live on Stage Forum.

Stage dive knocks out Yorkshire musician

Phil Sumner, Keyboard and Cornet player in Indie Band "British Sea Power" ended up in Hospital after attempting a stage dive, but..... no one was there to catch him! He landed head first and was out for the count - 3 minutes to be precise - but fortunately there was no lasting damage. other than a tooth and a few stitches. The incident happened at the Leeds Irish Centre. "Over here son - on mi 'ed"

Laura Fowles wins "Calendar's Got Talent"

Saxophonist & Singer Laura Fowles was the winner of Yorkshire Television's own Talent Competition "Calendar's Got Talent" 2007. She beat off an array of talented locals from across the Yorkshire TV viewing area including Ti Amero from Hull, at the Grand Final at the Frontier Club in Batley.

Laura is already an established Artist, and has built herself a reputation as a Jazz Singer and Saxophonist, throughout the UK and abroad, and she has her own website at

Brian wins Big Brother 2007

Essex boy Brian is the winner of Big Brother 8, beating twins Sam and Amanda into 2nd place. The Data Entry Clerk aged 19 is a big fan of Cosmic Ordering, and Hypnotist Paul McKenna, and lists his other heroes as Mike Skinner and Holly Valance. Brian Belo is now expected to be a Hot Celebrity, and the Self Confessed "Party Boy" will be looking to exploit his potential.

Bridlington Spa to re-open

After nearly 18 months of work, it is now expected that Bridlington Spa will re-open in the Winter of 2007, making it one of the best Venues and Exhibition Centre on the East Coast.

Pirates Charity Night in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital

This year's Charity Night at Pirates will take place at the Pirates Theatre in Magalluf on Saturday 6th May, and as usual there will be a host of celebrities there, all jostling to meet, and have photographs taken with Stephanie Jane and I. Amongst the host of stars expected to attend this year is Linford Christie (he'll not beat me to the bar!) and there are still a few tickets available - check out their website.

Tickets are priced at 50€ and other celebrities expected to attend include weather girl Sian Lloyd, Lib-dem MP Lembit Opik, Claire Sweeney, Nigel Benn, Pete Stringfellow, Angela Griffin, John Fashanu, Sally Gunnell and Alex Best. Not forgetting of course, The Goodfellows.

Charity Farewell Night at Ritz Bar, Hull

Pat Poulson is to retire from the Ritz Bar on Holderness Road in Hull, due to ill health and a Charity Night has been arranged for Tuesday 16th May 2006. To quote from a message from Steve James, who will shortly be the new owner of the Bar: -

As most people will know Pat Poulsom (Ritz Bar) has been very poorly and has sold the club. Helen and I along with Helen's sister and brother in-law have bought it from Pat and will be making some big changes in the future. The main reason for this message is to inform everyone that we will be holding a retirement charity night for Pat on the 16th of May (Tues) with all proceeds going to cancer charities of Pat's choice. I have already confirmed some of the acts that will be performing on the evening: Mike Lodge, Rick Owen, CJ Harper, JD Adams and Andy Wilkins to name a few. Tickets will be free of charge with an optional donation on the door. Debbie and I have the tickets and ask that any old regulars or friends of Pat's that would like to come to get in touch with Debbie on 01482 - 707616 or myself on 07810 - 711117 and we will arrange for you to receive them.The tickets will be exclusive to Pat's regulars and friends but once we are happy that we have fulfilled that we will then put any left overs up for grabs so get in touch and get your names down. Also to all other artists if you feel you would like to help out with the entertainment on the night please get in touch on the above moblie number. We want as many as possible on the night even if some only do one song. If anyone can donate or knows any company that could donate any raffle or auction prizes again please get in touch. Look forward to seeing you all on the night !!!

I'd like to wish all the best to Pat, and hope that the Charity Night is a suitable tribute to the hard work and dedication she has put into the entertainment business over many years.

Goodfellows Music Bar welcomes the USS Nassau

Majorca was pleased to play host to the USS Nassau recently , as it stopped off in Palma en route for Norfolk, Virginia where the 800 Navy personel and 1,900 US Marines on board were looking forward to a break after spending 6 months in Iraq. Many of them chose to visit Goodfellows Music Bar for Food, Drink and to enjoy the Island's best Karaoke set up - with Garth Brooks, Craig Morgan, Kenny Chesney and George Strait in big demand. They all behaved impeccably, and were a credit to both the US Military and their country.

Hasta la Vista, and best wishes on your next trip, wherever it might take you. Pictures soon to be posted on the Goodfellows website at

Well Done to Chantelle - Big Brother Winner 2006

Congratulations to the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2006 - Chantelle, who beat rejuventade Michael Barrymore into 2nd place. Lead singer of Goldie Looking Chain - Maggot came 3rd, with Preston of group Ordinary Boys 4th and cosmetic surgery gone-wrong Pete Burns 5th.

Soul singer Wilson Pickett dies

Wilson Pickett, one of the most popular soul singers of the 1960s, has died in Virginia USA after a heart attack at the age of 64. His management company said that he had been in poor health for the past year, and last performed in 2004. Born in Alabama, Pickett shot to fame in the 1960s, with hits including In The Midnight Hour and Mustang Sally.

Pickett moved to Detroit as a teenager, after early beginnings as a gospel singer in Alabama.He joined a group called The Falcons before embarking on a solo career in 1963, securing a deal with Atlantic Records by 1965. He often recorded with Booker T and the MGs, the band closely linked to Stax Records. He wrote In The Midnight Hour with MGs guitarist Steve Cropper and recorded it at the Stax studios in Memphis. It brought him overnight success in 1965.

After a string of hits, his career went into decline in the 1970s. Nevertheless, Pickett continued performing on a regular basis until he became ill, and had been inducted into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Shayne Ward beats Andy in X Factor Showdown

Manchester singer Shayne Ward was the eventual winner of the 2005 X-Factor contest when he beat ex Bin Man Andy Abraham in an exciting final. Middlesboro based brothers Journey South had earlier been beaten into 3rd place.

In a sensational and emotional finale to the series, Shayne stole the viewers' hearts, and walked away with the £1 million recording contract.
It was a close call as 10.8 million people voted. As presenter Kate Thornton announced that Journey South had come third in the competition, the brothers and their mentor Simon Cowell had tears in their eyes.
"We're pretty gutted really: we wanted to win. But this has been the best ride of our lives. Thank you to Simon and everybody at The X Factor" said Andy before hugging brother Carl.

It then remained for Andy Abraham and Shayne Ward to sing the X Factor single 'That's My Goal,' and try to win those all-important final votes. At that stage, the voting was still close and could have gone either way.

Then the moment came when Kate announced which of the two had received the most votes and would walk away the winner.
"The winner of The X Factor 2005 is Shayne," announced Kate as Shayne burst into tears and hugged a disappointed Andy.

Shayne didn't foget to thank his mentor Louis Walsh as he told him "I owe you everything"

It is now expected Shayne will have this year's No 1 hit single, as advanced orders for the song "That's my Goal" have already topped 800,000

Richard Whiteley OBE

I was personally shocked and saddened to learn earlier today of the death of Richard Whiteley, who died in Leeds General Infirmary at the age of 61 from complications following heart surgery.

I first met Richard at "Grobs Wine Bar" in Leeds City Centre in the early 1970's. I was part of the resident entertainment there, and Richard was a reporter and junior presenter with Yorkshire Television and a regular at the hip and trendy venue. We met many times over the following years, particularly when I was part of the duo Duplex, and we recorded several songs for the early evening show Calendar of which Richard was the main presenter.

I went to the same school as his partner, Kathryn Apanowicz and her brother Stephen, and actually arranged somework for Kathryn when as a young lady she was setting out as a singer. She of course went on to star as an actress in programmes such as Emmerdale Farm, Angels and Eastenders, after her earlier appearances in "Junior Showtime" with Mark Curry and the Poole Family. She is now working on local radio in Yorkshire.

I cannot add further to the many glowing tributes that have been made to Richard by people who knew him much better than I ever did, but I would like to offer my condolences and those I am sure of the readers of this website to his family and friends.

Comedy at the Ringside

Checking out the Sons of the Desert Website, I learnt of a comedy night, which takes place at Beverley Road's Ringside Pub, on the first Thursday of each month. It is gathering momentum, but could do with more support. The next one will be July 7th and includes five comedians as well as compere 'Agraman'. (The Human Anagram). Your support would be much appreciated. Good luck to them.

Re-organisation of "Live on Stage Website"

After some deliberation, and in view of the heavy workload of running a bar in Spain, I have decided to scale-down this website, and close the forum from the end of June 2005.

I have found it increasingly difficult to up-date the web site with either details of gigs, or latest news, and as those who know me will know - I'd rather not do a job at all rather than do it badly. The site will remain as an archive of details of Venues and Artistes, but will only be updated when the information is provided directly to me by E mail. Because of our long-standing we have a high Google rating, and despite the recent lack of updates, we still have hundreds of hits a day on the hundreds of different pages on our site. For this reason we welcome artistes new and old to continue to provide us with details of "Deaths Births and Marriages" so to speak, but not to expect the site to be a current picture of the Music scene in and around Hull and East Yorkshire.

I made my decision with the full knowledge that this might open the way for the "clone" Live on Stage Magazine "In the Spotlight" to make inroads into the Music Information Scene in Hull, but nothing could be further from the truth. I actually think that it will provide an opportunity for an intelligent, professional person with his or her finger of the pulse of Live Music in and around Hull to make inroads into a market where the printed page is heading for the waste paper bin, and people want accurate and up-to-the minute information at the click of a mouse, not a naff site where they play games, advertise Dogs for Sale and seem to have very blurred edges as to whether the site is for information, to promote their (as far as I can see) unregistered Entertainment Agency, as an Ego trip for the editor, and his cronie friends, or as a means of getting gigs. Whichever it is, I personally would love the opportunity to check out a good Hull and East Yorkshire website, where I can see the latest news presented in an un-biaised way, by a Web Master who frankly can tell the difference between his arse and his elbow!

I've only viewed their website once since it was revamped, and they now have a poll asking how people rate them. One of the options is "Rubbish" which they even managed to mis-spell - I rest my case!

I don't wish to get into a prolonged dispute with people in whom I have no interest - but when their magazine was first published they included a phrase along the lines of " ......continuing Adam Goodfellows dream" What a load of crap - my dream was to close my magazine down, since I realised that it had no future commercial potential, that could provide me with an income in proportion to the amount of work and stress involved - I decided it could not, and therefore closed it down, prior to heading to run my own business in the Sun. They bombarded our Forum with unwelcome messages, and then squealed like little piglets when they got some of their own back. One "contributor" threatened to call the Police because someone suggested he was gay - not as far as I am aware a criminal offence! Another quoted several paragraphs from the Law Books when I revealed that he had not paid a previous bill - and he assured me - no he guaranteed me that I would be getting a letter from his Solicitor, which of course I did not. Just a load of hot air from people who I wouldn't trust to wash my socks.

The final straw really was when there were "playground" type allegations regarding who the identity of the Forum contributor "Maggie" and this caused distress to a good friend of ours, and I realised it was time to call it a day - in my time, not theirs - to take away a forum for some of these vicious tongues, who clearly have nothing much better to do with their time.

When I wrote the Live-on-Stage magazine I told the truth, and those who were hurt by the truth didn't like it and shouted it from the rooftops, but the vast and silent majority, simply nodded knowing that I was telling it as it was. It's time for some-one to take up that mantel and be prepared to be truthful and honest and not be concerned to upset the Venues, Artistes, local Newspaper, Agents and sometimes even the readers - if and when such a person emerges they will receive my full endorsement and support.

Please feel free to air your views on our forum over the next few weeks, but I propose to discontinue the forum no later than 30th June.

Best wishes to all our loyal readers,

Adam Goodfellow

Five Free Concerts for Live 8

Bob Geldof revealed plans for the follow-up to Live Aid, with five free concerts taking place around the globe. The concerts, known as Live 8, will take place on July 2 at Hyde Park in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, the Circus Maximus in Rome and a venue in Philadelphia. Hundreds of thousands of music fans will attend with billions more watching around the world on TV.

Tickets for the Hyde Park concert will be made available through a special text lottery to be announced at 8am on Monday, June 6 through TV, radio and newspapers. Giant screens will be erected across the UK for those not able to get a ticket.

Live 8 aims to raise awareness of world poverty and is timed to coincide with the G8 summit in Scotland, when leaders of the world's eight richest countries will meet. Geldof said at the press conference that Britain was presented with a unique opportunity "to do something unparalleled in the world, and especially at the beginning of the 21st Century, and that is to tilt the world a little bit on its axis in favour of the poor, and that's not a difficult thing to do".
In London's Hyde Park, those performing include Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Dido, Keane, Sir Elton John, Annie Lennox, Madonna, Muse, the Scissor Sisters, Sir Paul McCartney, Joss Stone, Stereophonics, Sting, Snoop, Robbie Williams, U2 and REM. Geldof said of global poverty: "It's clearly the greatest moral sore, but it's also the greatest political problem." He said he could not think of a bigger political problem in the 21st century, or one with greater consequences, and that he had written to the Pope to ask him to support the event.


BOB GELDOF has confirmed that he and MIDGE URE are planning a huge gig to coincide with the G8 summit in July, although it will not be called LIVE AID 2. Acts rumoured to appear include U2, Paul McCartney and Madonna, who all took part in the 1985 Live Aid concert organised by Geldof. There have also been rumours of a Spice Girls reunion.
What started 20 years ago is coming to a political point in a few weeks," said Geldof. "There's more than a chance that the boys and girls with guitars will finally get to turn the world on its axis."
“We'll have all the big names we can find," Ure said. “It’s big, and it's as petrifying as the build-up to Live Aid, if not more so."

Celebrity Turnout at Pirates Adventure Charity Night in Magalluf

A whole host of celebrities were present at the Pirates Adventure Charity Night on Saturday 14th May in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital. Claire Sweeney, Kim Marsh and Jack Ryder, Jess Conrad, Dean Gaffney, Pete Stringfellow, the winners of reality Show The Apprentice, and Julian Lennon were amongst a galaxy of famous names, and local businesses who raised a huge amount of money for the Children's Charity. Pictures of Adam and Stephanie Jane with some of these celebs can be seen on the Goodfellows Music Bar Web site, or by clicking on this link - Pirates Charity Night.

Hull Daily Mail Talent Trail Final - Thursday 21st April 2005

Andy Cornfoot, was the winner of this year's Hull Daily Mail Talent Trail with a performance that included renditions of Take Your Mama by the Scissor Sisters, Back In The USSR by The Beatles and Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton. The 19 year old Guitar Vocalist carried away the first prize of £ 1,500 and the winner's trophy.

A performace by The Aces, youngsters from Gemma's Dance Academy and compere Dave Norman entertained the audience before
Neil Baker started the competition with Angel Eyes by Wet Wet Wet, Justice by Lemar and Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John.

Brother and sister duo It Takes Two, alias Rachel and Steve Hemmerman were second up with You Are Everything by Marvin Gaye, Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Tina Turner and How Am I Supposed To Live Without You by Michael Bolton.

Lincolnshire based Rachel Day was awarded second place for her performance of First Cut Is The Deepest by PP Arnold, Beautiful by Christina Aguilera and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Hull singer Sammi Louise won third place for her excellent performance of Heaven by DJ Sammy, Somebody Else's Guy by Jocelyn Brown and I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston.

The Influence played two original numbers - The Ghost and Too Much Soul, as well as a cover of I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles.

Emma Jo sang Norah Jones' Don't Know Why, Dusty Springfield's Son Of A Preacherman and Songbird by Eva Cassidy.

Local Hull girl Zara sang Something by Shirley Bassey, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, and What I Did For Love, from the musical Chorus Line.

Congratulations to all the finalists for an excellent Show.

Better late than never - tribute to Stan Richards - alias Seth Armstrong

Rather later than I would have liked, I have now prepared a tribute page to Stan Richards, alias Seth Armstrong, who died last week after a long illness. I had the pleasure of working with Stan on many occasions, and once had dinner with him, and found him to be a delightful man, a dedicated actor and always down-to-earth. He spent his early days in Clubland, and progressed into acting in the mid 70's. His portrayal of Seth Armstrong was superb, and he was always generous with his time when it came to Charitable events. He will be sadly missed, and may he rest in peace. Read the tribute here.

New Baby Beckham

Victoria and David Beckham are celebrating the birth of their third son, who they have named Cruz. The couple said they were "delighted" after a caesarean section delivery in Madrid at 10.40 local time (0940 GMT) on Sunday 20th February 2005. The baby weighed 7lb (3.2kg) and his dad announced: : "He's gorgeous, healthy and his mum is very good so we're a very happy family. He's got Victoria's lips and nose."
Cruz means cross in Spanish. First son Brooklyn is now five and Romeo is two.

David said the couple had been advised to have the baby delivered a week early but mother and baby were "really well".

Asked about the name, he said it was "just a name we like". He said: "We found it hard this time but we found a name we liked and stuck with it."
An earlier statement said: "David and Victoria Beckham are delighted to announce the birth of their baby boy Cruz Beckham, born today at 10.40am at the Hospital Ruber Internacional, Madrid."

Dr Vidal Pelaez, head of the obstetrics and gynaecology department at the hospital, said: "Mother and child are in perfect health. Medical intervention lasted 30 minutes with no complications whatsoever."
Cruz is a common surname in Spain and South America, but is an unusual first name, according to Lola Oria, Spanish language tutor at Oxford University.

Bookmakers William Hill are offering odds of 100/1 that Cruz Beckham will play for England one day and 1,000/1 that all three boys will get into the England team.
News of the pregnancy came months after high-profile reports that David had an affair and rumours that their marriage was in trouble. But the footballer described the stories as "ludicrous".
The couple met in 1997 and married in a lavish ceremony at Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland four months after Brooklyn's birth in 1999.
Victoria had a string of solo hits after the Spice Girls split, most recently reaching number three in the UK with This Groove/Let Your Head Go in January 2004.
But in November, she reportedly said she was abandoning her music career to concentrate on fashion designing and motherhood.

Bridlington Bay Anthem

84-year-old songwriter Laurie Mitchell of Scarsea Way in Bempton has received recognition of a song he wrote some years ago when it was adopted by the local Bridlington Council as their own "theme tune"

He wrote Bridlington Bay almost 25 years ago and it has been performed by some local singers, and occasionally performed without music. Then about five years ago he produced a choral version which has been sung at various concerts and events. Sewerby Singers include it in their repertoire and the Quaynotes Singers have adopted it as their set piece finale at all their concerts.

Laurie was well known as an entertainer on the electric organ in clubs around the area and at one time was bass guitarist with the celebrated Edwin Harper Band which played regularly in Bridlington, Scarborough and other parts of the country.

If you wish to read the lyrics you can read them here.

Robbie Williams triumphs at Brit awards!

Robbie Williams, Scissor Sisters and Franz Ferdinand all triumphed at the 25th annual Brit awards. The trio of artists won six prestigious awards between them, with the Scissor Sisters surprising everyone by claiming three awards for Best International Group, Best International Album and Best International Breakthrough Act.
Robbie scooped the prize for Best Song of the Last 25 Years, voted for British radio listeners, for his classic hit 'Angels', and later wowed fans with a show-stopping rendition of the track with teen soul sensation Joss Stone - who also grabbed two gongs.

The heartthrob singer was given a huge shock before going onstage, at London's Earls Court, to collect his gong when host Chris Evans told him his former Take That bandmates Gary Barlow and Howard Donald were handing over his statuette! However, Robbie was spared an awkward situation when it turned out the guest presenters were in fact British comedians Matt Lucas and David Walliams outrageously dressed as the two stars.

Tsunami appeal

A fund raising evening with all proceeds going to the Tsunami Appeal will be held at the Club Cherokee on Tuesday 11th January.
Doors open 7pm Entertainment starts 7.50pm. Confirmed acts: JD Adams, Johnny Pat and the Aces + friends, Kenny Barton, Michelle Brogan + Denny appearing as For One Night Only.

Tickets are priced at £5 and are available from Crown Hotel, Marfleet Lane, Hull, Tap N' Spile, Springbank, Hull and Club Cherokee, Askew Avenue, Hull from Saturday 8th January. Tickets are limited in number so get them early.

Contact: 01482 351139 for further details

Roger Daltrey awarded a CBE in New Year's Honours List for 2005

Former lead singer with The Who, Roger Daltrey has been awarded a CBE in the Queen's New Year's Honours list:

Daltrey, the lead singer of rock band The Who, was awarded a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for services to music in the New Year's Honours. See write up and further details here.

Brooklyn & Romeo to be Christened

Victoria and David Beckham will be having their children Brooklyn and Romeo christened this week, and naturally, in their honour, nothing short of a total Spice Girls reunion will do!

And that's exactly what's gonna happen. Mels B and C, Geri and Emma have all accepted their invitations to the glitzy bash, but when they get there, they won't be swanking about in their best revealing celebri-dresses. Victoria is reported to have issued an edict that none of the ladies are to come wearing clothes which reveal too much. The invitations require guests to wear 'modest attire', and the rumour is that this is a move by pregnant Victoria not to be upstaged by any of her glam mates.

One of Victoria's less loyal guests is reported to have said: "The last thing she would want is some of her more glamorous friends appearing dolled up to the nines. It is her big event and she wants to be the star of the show. She doesn't wanted to be made to feel uncomfortably drab compared to people like Elizabeth Hurley or even Wayne Rooney's girlfriend Coleen. This is a huge thing for Victoria and David. She keeps on saying that it is to show the world that 'Brand Beckham' is back on track and she thinks it will be her finest hour."

Adam & Stephanie Jane back in the UK

Adam and Steff are taking a well-earned break and returning to UK to re-charge their batteries. You can see them at Bluebell on Thursday 18th November and New Rink, Driffield on 4th December, but otherwise they will be chilling out (literally) and catching up on some old friends. Back in Magalluf for Christmas - Hasta la Vista!

It's my Birthday!

Just like the Queen, I have 2 birthdays - one which I put on questionnaires to put off Junk Mail companies, and the other one is the day I was actually born - 27th October 1954 - so it's me birthday and my 50th at that! Thank you to those who sent their good wishes (both of you) and we are celebrating with a party on Thursday 28th at our Bar with an appearance from Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie. Well OK it's someone who looks just like them. Well OK it's someone who sounds just like them. Well OK then it's someone who we could afford.

Everyone welcome, although I appreciate that for most of our Yorkshire readers it's a little far to travel! Buy me a drink next time you see me!

If you are really really bored and fancy a laugh then you could check out my personal website at or my professional one at and read my riches to rags story!

The Cheeky Girls will be lighting up Bridlington

The Cheeky Girls will be switching on the Christmas lights in Bridlington on 28th November 2004, and will be singing their new Christmas single with former Hollyoaks actor Andy Newton Lee, and some of their big chart hits as well as flicking the switch to light up the town.
Monica Irimia, one half of the Cheeky Girls, said: "We'll arrive a couple of hours before the switch-on for a signing session and people can have an autograph or a picture taken with us and Andy in return for a donation to the mayor's charities."
Her twin Gabriella said: "We are all looking forward to visiting the town, meeting the people and performing five tracks from our new album, the single due to be released in December 20 and The Cheeky Song of course."
Bridlington Mayor Coun Richard Harrap, whose chosen charities are the RSPCA and the Scouts, said: "I'm very much looking forward to meeting them. I'm not too familiar with their music but I know they are very popular with young people and I'm delighted they're supporting these charities. "I'm sure they'll help the Christmas lights switch-on in Bridlington go with a swing."

The Cheeky Girls' visit has been arranged by Judy Broadbent of Carnaby-based Custom PR, who said: "This will be great day out for all the family. The Cheeky Girls will have had a four-hour drive up from London so we want Bridlington to give them a very warm welcome."
The event starts at noon and entertainment will include music by Elvis impersonator Johnny Fielding. The Christmas lights will be switched on at 4pm.

John Peel Dies

Breaking news today is the death of Radio One DJ John Peel following a Heart Attack. Read more about his life and career here.

Wish us luck

Stephanie Jane and I jet off on Tuesday 3rd for a few days to complete (we hope) the purchase of our bar in Magalluf, Majorca. It's been a bumpy road, and we shall be relying heavily on messrs HSBC for the first few weeks / months, till our house sale completes, but as Steph said the other day - If success depended upon people wishing us well, we cannot fail.

This website will still continue, indeed I'm hoping to try and increase the amount of information, and we shall be making regular visits back to England - mainly for T Bags and Baked Beans! I'll be regularly posting updates on our Majorcabound and Goodfellows Music Bar websites and we'll continue to host websites for other such as CJ Harper. Dr Jive, Andy Wilkins, Roxanne Cooper, Howard Dean, etc etc

In the meantime thanks for all your good wishes, and we'll let you know when it's all completed!!!

Opportunity Knocks Winner Berni Flint

Had an opportunity recently to catch a show by Opportunity Knocks winning artist Berni Flint at Market Weighton Club, and he put on an excellent show. He won the programme several times back in 1977, and will be largely unknown to people under about 30, but he is not only an excellent singer and guitarist, he is a very funny man, and puts on a varied and very enjoyable evening's entertainment. The lighting at Market Weighton is not fantastic, but there are some pictures and a brief write-up at our Artists write up - here.

Results of Reader's Poll 2004

Following an excellent Presentation Night on Thursday 22nd January 2004 at Humber St. Andrews, we can now officially announce the results of the Live on Stage Reader's Poll. Read details of the Presentation Night here, and the full results list here.

Bob Monkhouse

Sorry to have to report the death at the age of 75 of one of Britain's favourite Comics - Bob Monkhouse who had been having treatment for cancer for the past 2 years. One of my personal regrets is that I never got to see Bob live, although I understand he was a genius of ad-lib. His smooth and slik presentation was a bit of a turn-off for some people, but I believe time will show him to have been one of the UK's best comic minds of the 20th century. We offer our condolences to his wife and family. May he Rest in Peace.

Disappointed - but not downhearted.

Along with lots of other friends and fans of Roxanne Cooper, I suppose I feel a little guilty this morning. I voted for her 4 times last night, but maybe if I and lots of others had voted more then we would not be facing the disappointment of Roxanne being eliminated from this year's Pop Idol. Along with people much more in the kow than me (Simon Cowell, Kelly Clarkson etc) I believed that Roxanne had the talent to go all the way and win the contest. However it is no longer down to talent, it is down to the size of the contestants fan-base. Michelle has Scotland, Mark has the Midlands, Chris has all the Grannies, Sam has South Yorkshire and most of the pre-pubescent females in the Country (and a lot of the post-pubescent!) and Susanne has most of the students and the "cool" vote. Don't get me wrong they all have their support from other areas as well, but that is where the bulk of their support comes from.

The truth is that if it were down to talent, then Mark would have gone out last night. He gave a very average performance and whilst I do not deny that this young man has come on in leaps and bounds over the course of the finals, I believe his was the weakest performance, and I think he knew!

However, taking a positive view, Roxanne has gone from being a promising up-and-coming singer in the pubs of Hull, to being a experienced TV performer and personality in a matter of weeks. I don't know what she intends to do in the short term, but I hope she takes a few days out to reflect on her success, and then goes out and finds the best and most experienced business adviser that she can afford. Simon Fuller may well have been interested in signing Roxanne a couple of weeks ago, but I will tell you this for nothing - the deal he would offer someone just evicted in 6th place is nothing approaching the deal he would have offered to the winner, or even 2nd or 3rd place. Roxanne needs a "hard-nose" in her corner to organise a deal that will see her with a secure and long-term deal in the Music industry, not a 5p in the pound deal that will get her a top 10 hit, a new Car and then Musical obscurity when the record company dumps her in 18 months time. Good luck Roxanne, but this is where the really hard work starts!

Sean Finch Band / Streetband

To avoid any possible confusion, I've been asked to point out that Jo Leeman, and Mike and Tony from Gravity are no longer part of the Sean Finch Street Band, and have not been for quite some time. Mike and Tony were resident at Southcoates Club, although Tony has now left to do some solo work. Jo Leeman (better known to some as Award Winning songstress Jo Jordan) is now accompanying her hubbie Mike on a Saturday Night, while Mike and Chris Cherman are resident on a Sunday until January when Compere extraordinaire Dave Norman will accompany Mike every Sunday.

Did you catch all that? Good!

Websites cost a lot to design and upload, but take only a few moments to change, and it appears that pictures and profiles appear on the Internet suggesting that the Leemans are still part of the Streetband and they ain't. Naughty. People have been sued for less!

It only goes to prove that the only reliable place to get up-to-the minute news on the Entertainment scene is right here at !!!

New Web Site for Dr. Jive

One of Hull's most talented and Best known entertainers - Dr. Jive now has his own dedicated Web site with a wealth of information about this experienced and talented singer / Musician who has been treading the boards for over 30 years! Using his catch phrase of "Prescribing Rock'n'Roll" Dr Jive sings and plays a mean guitar, although it is not quite as well known that he does a wealth of work for charity, and a couple of years ago he cycled along the Great Wall of China! Although there is much more to add, you can see 8 Galleries of photos, including pictures of when the doc was a kid, together with a Guest Book to leave your own message. Happy hitting!

Winner of Ritz Talent Contest - Neil Evans

Now I must be careful what I say, because I don't wish to be slanderous, but a little bird (actually it was a bloke) told me some time ago that they had judged a certain Talent Contest, and when the results were announced their marks had been altered! I am sure that this did not happen at this year's final of the Ritz Talent Contest, but how the hell Neil Evans won in front of the joint talents of Sammi Louise and Serena Williams, alias Twilight, and Danni, completely escapes me.

I heard Neil at a Charity Night a year or so ago, and he sang and behaved like a goon, but it was only a Charity Night. I also know of venue who it is alleged, turned him away when he turned up for his gig as he was drunk (they actually said pissed - but children may read this). However I was not there, and as ever with these Talent Contests, they can turn up the most bizarre results. Were you there? Did he deserve to win? Should I offer him my sincere apologies? Leave your comments on our Message Board.

New Chairlady at Humber St. Andrew's Club, Hull

Congratulations to Mona Crozier who has been appointed the first lady Chairman of the popular Humber St Andrew's Club on Anlaby Road, Hull. She became the first lady Committee member 5 years ago, and has clearly done an excellent job as she was appointed in front of 3 male candidates. Thanks to Dave Norman for this picture which was taken at a different event.

Paul & Heather have a little girl

Congratulations to Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills who have become the proud parents of a baby girl - Beatrice Milly McCartney, who was born on Wednesday 29th October 2003 at a North London Hospital near their family home in St. John's Wood. Weighing in at 7lb, little Miss McCartney was described as "a little beauty" by her ecstatic parents.

Serena Williams wins Withernsea Search for a Star Contest

Outstanding young local singer Serena Williams has bagged first place in the annual "Search for a Star" contest walking away with the £ 1,000 prize money. Although aged only 18, she is a veteran of the local Pub and Club scene, and could be a major contender for the 2004 Hull Daily Mail Contest heats for which start in January 2004.

Leeds singer Steve Richards took 2nd place and a cheque for £ 400 whilst Beverley's Lisa Watson was third and received prize money of £200. Were you there? Was it a fair result? Leave your comments on our Message Board.

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