Ian Moor - "Pride of Hull"

There can be few people who haven't heard of, or seen Ian Moor, the likeable lad from Willerby near Hull who was catapulted from paint blender to UK national fame when he won the "Stars in their Eyes" final singing the highly popular Chris de Burgh song "Lady in Red" The following year Ian then added the unique "Champion of Champions" title as he was pitted against winners of previous years.

Thus started a Roller Coaster of fame with high profile TV interviews, documentaries and newspaper stories, not all of which concentrated on his singing talents. One interviewer questioned his personal love life, and realising that Ian had no Girl friend there started a frenzy of activity to "fix Ian up" with someone. However a CD release took Ian into the charts, and with a National tour of Theatres everything looked rosey.

However as the theatre dates became less frequent, Ian decided to take his career back into his own hands and is now taking work which allows him to spend a little more time with his family in Hull, and his Girl friend in Ilkley which means working in the Clubs of Leeds and Manchester. He recently did a Showcase in Blackpool which was attended by several Cruise Companies and Ian quite likes the idea of Cruise Work, perhaps in the Caribean where he may not be as well known to a mainly North American audience, but he will be judged on his overall ability, not just his uncanny resemblance to Chris de Burgh and the song which I imagine has come to haunt him a little.

Whilst most people have enjoyed Ian's meteoric rise and the success that went with it, many of us realise that Ian is just a nice lad that was always willing to give of his time and talents to Charitable events, and in this respect little has changed. Ian was always a supporter of MICE (men in charitable endeavour) and despite his fame, and his ability to charge high appearance fees he is always happy to help whenever time allows.

Ian made an appearance at a "Live on Stage" sponsored Charity Event at The Willows Club in Hull to raise funds for CASE Training, an charitable organisation that trains young adults with learning difficulties, in June 2001 and we presented him with an award entitled "Pride of Hull" to recognise the credit that he brought to the area, not just for his singing ability, but more importantly for being an all-round nice guy. However we took the trophy back from Ian, to have it engraved and never gave him it back.

The occasion of our 2002/3 Presnetation Night seemed a good opportunity to re-present Ian with the trophy and he was kind enough to attend and gave an excellent rendition of "Fields of Gold".

We wish Ian success for the future in whatever he decides to do, confident in the fact that whatever his success in the fickle world of Showbusiness he will always remain a nice guy in fact "Pride of Hull"


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