Paul X (X)

Male Vocalist

Based in Beverley, Paul is a superb Male Vocalist with a fantastic range, enabling him to cover the music of artists ranging from Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, REM, with spine tingling accuracy. Although Paul does not include many of his own songs in his Pub / Club act, he is also a very talented songwriter and has had his music published, and recorded by some top artists and Groups. Paul has worked all over the world including the Middle East and Greenland and as part of the Louis McCoy Band he spent several years working aboard a variety of Cruise Ships. See Paul's own website at
Xpress (X)

Male / Female Duo

Hull - based Male / Female Duo made up of Steve Adams & Erika Preston. Took time out in March 2003 when Erika was expecting a baby, and Steve did some solo work, but are back from October 2003 raring to go. Do not confuse this Steve with other Steve Adams, aka Stevie Dee of Driffield and Whitby. This one is younger and better looking! Email Steve -
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